Sunday, April 6, 2008


Kejadian ni berlaku kat adik aku, kat Alamanda, putrajaya pada 2 April 2008 (selasa) baru2 ni. Kebetulan kitaorg nk tgk wayang free sesama tp tiket plak habis..huhuhu. Last2 aku p menghabiskan duit kat Carefour, bershopping. Harap sebarkan kat saudara kite yg lain terutama gurl.

Something to share with all of u esp girls..

This is really happen to's real girls..pls x100000 be carefull.

Last night after work I'm going to Alamanda for movies. The plan is I will get the ticket first and later my sister with her husband will come. So I'm driving alone from office to Alamanda. But unfortunately the movie sold out and my sister will come a bit late. After walking around for a while I decided to left without waiting for my after paying parking ticket I'm heading straight to my car and locked the door as soon as I get into my car (I park my car at P1 south wing). Suddenly out of nowhere a guy standing outside my car with some 'dirt' on his hand. He said nothing coz I didn't open my door and window but he just show his hand to me..with the thought that he want something to wipe the 'dirt' I pass him a tissue through a small opening from my window that I open soo small not even a finger can pass through. He took the tissue but he said he need a's how the conversation went:-

GUY : Kak..bole tolong sy x kak..tolong bwk sy pegi hospital.

ME : Hospital?kenape ni?

(At this point only I realize that 'dirt' at his hand looks like blood)

GUY : sy terhantuk kt sane td..berdarah ni (sambil tunjuk kepala dia yg ade kesan darah)..tolong bwk sy pegi hospital kak.

ME : pompuan, sorang x berani..kalo ade org lain sekali ngn sy bole x berani.

GUY : tolong la kak..x jauh pun..lepas petronas je. Sy berdarah ni

ME : tau..mmg x minta maaf mmg x bole tlg..awk minta tolong org lain,lelaki ke..lelaki la..pompuan x tolong (skang br aku rs bodoh ckp camni huhu...)

As I speak that stupid line..i look around to see if there's anyone else there to help him...and suddenly two guys walking not far from us.

ME : haa...awk mintak tolong kat diorg tu..diorg lelaki (that stupid line came out again..)...diorg mesti tolong bkn x nak sy x berani..

GUY : Tapi kak..tolong berdarah ni..x jauh pun..

ME : x bole..x bole..awk pegi kat diorg ye..

GUY : Tak pe la kak..terima kasih

As the guy left me..I started the engine n look at my rear and side mirror to see how the guy doing..but I can't see him anywhere. I look around again and I see that two guy starting up their motorcycle but I didn't see the guy with 'dirt' at them..I quickly drove out of the parking with my mind wondering why that guy didn't ask for that two gentleman for help??..before I drove through ramp to the upper level I glance at that two gentleman and I can see the guy with 'dirt' also looking at me as he wants to check if I left the parking or not.

It makes me really2 suspicious with his act and I'm thinking of to tell any pak guard I meet on my way out..if he really needs help..the guard will help him and if he mean to do something bad probably the guard can prevent him to harm anyone else.But unfortunately didn't met one..

As I drove home..I can't help myself but thinking about what happen just now..what I can remember is the 'dirt' at his hand doesn't look like blood as when he wipe it with the tissue that I gave him, the red colour stays at his hand and it's really doesn't look like colour of blood..more like red pink..when he shows me his head, I can't see any wound or injured..only red also can't recall him saying anything that he's in pain..he keep saying he's makes more suspicious coz he didn't ask for the two gentleman for help but hiding and waiting for me to leave the car park....I really feel that he's mean something bad to me and I feel soo x100000 lucky I'm not fall for it..I can't believe that I'm soo close to get myself in danger but escape from it without any harm..

But...right now..I just sooooo disappointed and regreted coz I didn't try hard enough to find pak guard so that this guy will not able to tricks anyone else...I can't help myself but thinking what if he has actually hurt and do something bad to someone yesterday just because I didn't take any action.

so..that's why I'm sending this email to remind all the ladies that I care that this thing can happen to anyone of has happen to me n its pls be extra careful.


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humyrah said...

Huu.. takutnya.. Dahla alamanda tu tempat yg biasa saya pergi :( Syukur alhamdulilah la adik kak nurul selamat, dan bijak buat tindakan.

NuRuL DhiA said...

Sekarang ni kat mane2 pun da xselamat. kena selalu berhati2.