Wednesday, January 20, 2010

* More Info on Daanya Hana Case *

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by FW Email

Dear Friends,

Please help my sister. On 16/01/2010 my niece was kidnapped by her own (sadly to say) father, Lenardi Amnisar Yuliawiratman. It actually happened during a meeting instructed by the court which states that the father can see his daughter at McDonalds Jalan Kolam Air Lama (beside Petronas) with the presence of both party lawyers.

The meeting started at 10am. At first everything went well, but at about 11am 'the beast' grabbed my niece, Daanya Hana, aged 1, from the hands of my sister and ran to a car which has been standing by from the beginning.

We have already made a police report and still waiting for their action. A court order has been sent out for my niece to be returned to her rightful mother. In the meantime I am begging everyone to help search for his car which is a Blue, Mitsubishi Lancer, license plate WPJ 4040. I also attached a few of Hana's pictures and also the 'Swine Man' wanted photo.
Please call DSP Ang at 03-42897222 or from Balai Polis Ampang or my cousin Shamsul at 012-677 4412. Appreciate if you guys can forward this news to all. Thank You.

Number to contact:
012-6774412 (
019-7906188 (Farah,Daanya's mother)

'Swine Man'

Cute little Hana

Nota Hati Kecilku: Semoga Hana selamat dan dilindungi walau di mana dan kembali ke pangkuan keluarga tersayang. Mari kite berdoa semoga si ayah lembut hati untuk kembali kan hana....Amin.