Monday, February 28, 2011

* Bamboolite & Sayang Baby Ibu Giveaway *


Double Celebration from Bamboolite & Sayang Baby Ibu in February!!

Bamboolite & Sayang Baby Ibu Giveaway
14 February - 28 February 2011

Senarai nama-nama peserta yang layak setakat ini:

1. Nur Azyatun (4 entries)
2. Mazlyna Abd Rahman (13 entries)
3. Fiffy Hanisdah Saikim (1 entry)
4. Izahremy Jalil (1 entry)
5. Mariah_Smile (10 entries)
6. Siti Hafidzatun Amirah Rashid (1 entry)
7. Hanz Jamaludin (1 entry)
8. Malia Hisham (1 entry)
9. Nor Marshaliza Shaidan (9 entries)
10. Needa Aziz (6 entries)
11. Rozy Anna Ahmad (12 entries)

*Sesiapa yg join tapi tak tersenarai, sila ding dong nurul, mungkin x memenuhi syarat ditetapkan. Terima Kasih
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Grand Prize: 1pc CM-TrueFit Bamboo Fitted diaper + 1pc Printed Fleece Cover (worth RM107)
2nd Prize: 1pc CM-TrueFit Printed PUL Lite diaper (worth RM59)
3rd Prize:1pc CM-TrueFit PUL Lite diaper (worth RM54)
4th Prize: 1pc Hybrid Insert (worth RM14)

- PUL Lite/Printed PUL Lite diaper comes with existing Hybrid Insert(3microfibre+1bamboo fleece)
- Hybrid Insert is the existing Hybrid Insert(3microfibre+1bamboo fleece)
- Print/Color/Closure of the prize will be decided by BambooLite.

How To Win:

Please either leave your email in your post or make sure you have your current email linked to your profile or I won't be able to contact you.
*Please actually do what you say... I will check every entry to make sure!*

Mandatory Entries (wajib buat untuk layak jadi peserta):
  • Become a fan of Bamboolite on Facebook
  • Become a fan of Sayang Baby Ibu on Facebook
  • Visit Sayang Baby Ibu and tell me a favorite or wishlist item.
  • You MUST also be a follower of 'Super Dooper Kawaii Mommy & Lil' Ones' on Google Friend Connect (GFC) a.k.a Geng Bas Pink and Networked Blogs (right top the blog).

    Please leave one (1) comment saying you have done ALL of these things - Leave an email address where you can be reached and your nickname FB, GFC and Networked Blogs, your favorite/wishlist item.
Bonus Entries (untuk dapat markah extra):

(Sila tinggalkan komen bg setiap entry yang anda buat. Contoh anda buat 3 entry, tinggalkan 3 komen berasingan bg setiap entry, pastikan setiap komen anda disertai emel, Lebih banyak entry anda buat, lebih byk peluang untuk Menang!)

  • Blog about this giveaway, blog post linking to this post and leave a direct link to it! (1 entry)
  • Grab my blog button and place it on your blog. Leave a comment where i can find it.(1 entry)
  • Grab my store button and place it on your blog. Leave a comment where i can find it.(1 entry)
  • Get Creative: Post about this giveaway on a messageboard or forum. Leave a comment with a link.(1 entry)
  • Click “Share” (top right on this post) and share this giveaway on your Facebook page. Leave a comment with link and FB nickname.(1 entry)
  • Click "Like" ( bottom of this post) and Leave a comment with your FB nickname.(1 entry)
  • Send and e-mail to your friend(s) about this giveaway, subject: "Bamboolite & Sayang Baby Ibu Giveaway" and CC me Leave a comment with your email add.(1 entry)
Lucky Draw:

Participant can write comment under the Giveaway post to stand a chance in a Lucky Draw by BambooLite.
Comment must be either on
- What do you like about BambooLite’s diaper?
- Why do you want to try BambooLite’s diaper?


Giveaway akan bermula daripada Isnin 14 February 2011, 12:00pm hingga 28 February 2011, 11:59pm. Pemenang Giveaway akan dipilih menggunakan Tetapi untuk Lucky Draw akan dipilih oleh pihak Bamboolite. Jika ada sebarang pertanyaan sila email ke, plz don't use comment box or shout box. Setiap pemenang diberi 48jam untuk respons email atau nurul akan pilih pemenang baru. Peserta dibenarkan menggunakan Bahasa melayu atau bahasa inggeris.

Nota Nurul Dhia: Thanks to Bamboolite kerana sudi menjadi sponsor untuk Giveaway kali ini.